Gearbox Mercedes AMG SpeedShift DCT (700.4)

The 7-speed preselective robotic gearbox Mercedes 700.4 or AMG SpeedShift DCT has been produced since 2009 and is installed only on the most powerful supercars of the German concern such as SLS and AMG GT. This robotic gearbox is only a modification of the Italian Getrag 7DCL750 gearbox.

This series includes: 7G-DCT, AMG SpeedShift DCT, 8G-DCT.


Production years since 2009
Type preselective robotic transmission
Number of gears 7
Type of drive all wheel / rear
Engine volume, l up to 6.2
Torque output, Nm up to 800
Recommended oil MB 236.25 + MB 236.26
Oil capacity, liter 8.7 + 4.0
Replacing the oil every 50,000 km
Replacing the filter every 50,000 km
Gearbox lifespan, km ~250 000
Weight, kg 136

Gear ratios Mercedes AMG SpeedShift DCT

Using the example of a Mercedes SLS AMG 2012 with a 6.2 liter engine:

Main 3.670
1st 3.397
2nd 2.186
3rd 1.626
4th 1.285
5th 1.029
6th 0.839
7th 0.720
Reverse 2.790

The transmission was installed on:

  • Mercedes AMG GT-Class C190 since 2014;
  • Mercedes SLS-Class C197 in 2009 – 2014.

Disadvantages of the Mercedes 700.4 gearbox

  • This is a rather rare gearbox for supercars and there is little information on its breakdowns.
  • On specialized forums, oil leaks are actively discussed, especially around the input shaft oil seal.
  • Moreover, this problem affects not only the SLS, it smoothly migrated to the AMG GT.
  • Also, active owners change the clutch by 50,000 km.
  • Do not forget to renew the lubricant in both the hydraulic and mechanical parts of the gearbox.

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