Gearbox Volkswagen AQ450

The VW AQ450 8-speed automatic transmission has been produced at a plant in Japan since 2016 and is installed on such front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models of the concern as Atlas, Arteon or Teramont. In addition to the regular 09P version, there is a separate modification 09Q for the Crafter minibus.

AQ-8 family: AQ300, AQ450.


Production years since 2016
Type automatic transmission
Number of gears 8
Type of drive front / all wheel
Engine volume, l up to 3.6
Torque output, Nm up to 450
Recommended oil G 055 540 A2
Oil capacity, liter 7.2
Replacing the oil every 60,000 km
Replacing the filter every 60,000 km
Gearbox lifespan, km ~300 000
Weight, kg 95

Gear ratios Volkswagen AQ450

Using the example of a VW Teramont 2019 with a 3.6 FSI engine:

Main 3.60
1st 5.59
2nd 3.14
3rd 1.95
4th 1.43
5th 1.21
6th 1.00
7th 0.81
8th 0.67
Reverse 3.99

The transmission was installed on:

  • Volkswagen Arteon 1 (3H) since 2018;
  • Volkswagen Atlas 1 (CA) since 2017;
  • Volkswagen Crafter 2 (SY) since 2017;
  • Volkswagen Teramont 1 (CA) since 2017;
  • Volkswagen Tiguan 2 (AD) since 2017.

Disadvantages of the VW AQ450 gearbox

  • This automatic transmission is installed with powerful units and the torque converter clutch wears out quickly.
  • Then the solenoids become contaminated with wear products and the gearbox begins to push.
  • It is important to monitor the cooling of the automatic transmission; its heat exchanger may become clogged by 100,000 km.
  • Overheating destroys the Teflon rings and the lubricant pressure in the system drops.
  • And this leads to rapid wear of the clutches in the packages and very expensive repairs.

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