Gearbox ZF 4HP18

The 4-speed automatic transmission ZF 4HP18 was produced at a German company from 1987 to 1998 and was installed on many popular front-wheel drive models such as Alfa Romeo 164 and Peugeot 605. This gearbox was also installed on front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive versions of the Audi 100, A6 and A8.

4HP family: 4HP14, 4HP16, 4HP18, 4HP20, 4HP22, 4HP24.


Production years 1987 – 1998
Type automatic transmission
Number of gears 4
Type of drive front / all wheel / rear
Engine volume, l up to 3.0
Torque output, Nm up to 280 (350)
Recommended oil Total Fluide AT42
Oil capacity, liter 8.3
Replacing the oil every 60,000 km
Replacing the filter every 60,000 km
Gearbox lifespan, km ~400 000
Weight, kg 4HP18Q – 86
4HP18FLE – 97
4HP18FLA – 136

In 1987, ZF introduced a new 4-speed automatic transmission with hydraulic control, in two versions: 4HP18Q for front-wheel drive models with a transverse engine and 4HP18FL for models with front-wheel drive and a longitudinally mounted power unit. In 1991, a couple more versions appeared: 4HP18FLE or 01K for front-wheel drive Audi models and rear-wheel drive Porsche models, as well as 4HP18FLA or 01F for all-wheel drive Quattro modifications.

In 1994, the most sophisticated version with electronic control, the 4HP18EH, debuted.

Gear ratios ZF 4HP18

Using the example of a Audi 100 1993 with a 2.8 liter engine:

Main 4.09
1st 2.579
2nd 1.407
3rd 1.000
4th 0.742
Reverse 2.88

The transmission was installed on:

  • Alfa Romeo 164 (Type 164);
  • Audi 100 C4 (4A), A6 C4 (4A), A8 D2 (4D);
  • Citroen XM I (Y3/Y4);
  • Dodge Monaco 5 (B29);
  • Eagle Premier 1 (B29);
  • Fiat Croma I (154);
  • Lancia Kappa I (838), Thema I (834);
  • Peugeot 605 I (Y30);
  • Porsche 968 I (968);
  • Renault 25 (B29);
  • Saab 9000 I (YS3C).

Disadvantages of the ZF 4HP18 gearbox

  • This is a very durable automatic transmission and with frequent oil changes it has a huge resource, but sooner or later it will require a rebuild with replacement of the torque converter clutch, brake band, burnt clutches, as well as the oil pump and turbine shaft bushings.
  • At especially used gearboxes, burst pistons and intermediate shaft bearings are replaced, and sometimes the damper spring of the brake band piston is destroyed.

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