Gearbox Mercedes 722.5

The 5-speed automatic transmission Mercedes 722.5 began to be installed in 1990, but only on the Gelendvagen SUV, and other models of the concern received it four years later. The transmission is the first automatic transmission with so many gears and electronic control.

This series includes: 722.3, 722.4, 722.5, 722.6, 722.7, 722.9, 725.0.


Production years since 1990
Type automatic transmission
Number of gears 5
Type of drive all wheel / rear
Engine volume, l up to 6.0
Torque output, Nm up to 580
Recommended oil DEXRON III or VI
Oil capacity, liter 8.5
Replacing the oil every 50,000 km
Replacing the filter every 50,000 km
Gearbox lifespan, km ~300 000

Gear ratios Mercedes 722.5

Using the example of a Mercedes E-Class 1994 with a 3.2 liter engine:

Main 3.690
1st 3.871
2nd 2.247
3rd 1.436
4th 1.000
5th 0.750
Reverse 5.586

The transmission was installed on:

  • Mercedes G-Class W463 in 1990 – 1997;
  • Mercedes E-Class W124 in 1994 – 1997;
  • Mercedes S-Class W140 in 1994 – 1998;
  • Mercedes SL-Class R129 in 1994 – 1998.

Disadvantages of the Mercedes 722.5 gearbox

  • Quite a lot of calls to service stations regarding sudden failure of fifth gear.
  • A drop in lubricant level leads to intense wear of the oil pump bushing.
  • The entire Reverse package, in which the springs fall apart, is regularly replaced.
  • The weak points of this transmission also include the vacuum modulator.

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