Gearbox Volkswagen AL951

The VW AL951 8-speed automatic transmission was produced by the concern from 2009 to 2020 and was installed on particularly powerful versions of models from Audi and Bentley under its own 0BL index. This automatic transmission is a variant of the ZF 8HP90A automatic transmission, known from BMW and Rolls-Royce.

AL-8 family: AL450, AL550, AL551, AL552, AL951, AL952, AL1000.


Production years 2009 – 2020
Type automatic transmission
Number of gears 8
Type of drive all wheel / rear
Engine volume, l up to 6.8
Torque output, Nm up to 1000
Recommended oil G 060 162 A2
Oil capacity, liter 9.2
Replacing the oil every 60,000 km
Replacing the filter every 60,000 km
Gearbox lifespan, km ~300 000
Weight, kg 146

Gear ratios Volkswagen AL951

Using the example of a Audi A8 L 2015 with a 4.2 TDI engine:

Main 2.381
1st 4.714
2nd 3.143
3rd 2.106
4th 1.667
5th 1.285
6th 1.000
7th 0.839
8th 0.667
Reverse 3.317

The transmission was installed on:

  • Audi A6 C7 (4G) in 2013 – 2018;
  • Audi A7 C7 (4G) in 2013 – 2018;
  • Audi A8 D4 (4H) in 2009 – 2017;
  • Bentley Continental GT 2 (3W) in 2011 – 2018;
  • Bentley Flying Spur 2 (4W) in 2013 – 2019;
  • Bentley Mulsanne 1 (3Y) in 2010 – 2020.

Disadvantages of the VW AL951 gearbox

  • This is a reliable and durable automatic transmission, but is combined with very powerful engines.
  • And the torque converter lock-up clutch wears out quite quickly for active owners.
  • Then its wear products clog the solenoids, so renew the lubricant more often.
  • Abrupt starts greatly reduce the life of aluminum mechanical parts.
  • Other problems are associated with wear of plastic and rubber parts due to overheating.

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