Gearbox ZF 6HP26

The 6-speed automatic transmission ZF 6HP26 has been produced at the German plant since 2000 and is installed on rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive BMW models under the designations GA6HP26Z and GA6HP26X. On Ford cars this transmission is known as 6R60 and 6R80, and on Audi as 6HP26A or 09E.

6HP family: 6HP19, 6HP26, 6HP32, 6HP21, 6HP28.


Production years since 2000
Type automatic transmission
Number of gears 6
Type of drive all wheel / rear
Engine volume, l up to 6.2
Torque output, Nm up to 650
Recommended oil ZF Lifeguard Fluid 6
Oil capacity, liter 9.5
Replacing the oil every 60,000 km
Replacing the filter every 60,000 km
Gearbox lifespan, km ~300 000
Weight, kg 87 (Audi 09E – 140)

In 2000, the German concern ZF introduced its first 6-speed automatic transmission, designed for rear-wheel drive cars with a longitudinally mounted engine up to 650 Nm. This is a fairly simple automatic transmission with an electro-hydraulic control system, a Lepeletir planetary design, and an adjustable torque converter lock-up. The electronic transmission control unit is combined here with the valve body into a single mechatronics unit.

There is a separate version of this automatic transmission 09E for all-wheel drive Audi and Volkswagen models, and based on the 6HP26, Ford has developed its own 6R60 and 6R80 gearboxes.

Gear ratios ZF 6HP26

Using the example of a BMW 645Ci 2004 with a 4.4 liter engine:

Main 3.460
1st 4.171
2nd 2.340
3rd 1.521
4th 1.143
5th 0.867
6th 0.691
Reverse 3.403

The transmission was installed on:

  • Aston Martin DB9 1, DBS 1 (AM7), Rapide 1, Virage 2, Vanquish 2;
  • Audi A6 C6 (4F), A8 D3 (4E);
  • Bentley Continental GT 1 (3W), Flying Spur 1 (4W);
  • BMW 3-Series E90, 3-Series E92, 5-Series E60, 6-Series E63, 7-Series E65, X3-Series E83, X5-Series E53, X5-Series E70;
  • Ford Everest 2 (U375), Everest 3 (U704), Explorer 4 (U251), Expedition 3 (U324), F-Series 12 (P415), F-Series 13 (P552), Falcon 6 (E169), Falcon 7 (E240), Mustang 5 (S197), Mustang 6 (S550), Ranger T6 1 (P375), Ranger T6 2 (P703), Territory 1 (E265);
  • Hyundai Genesis 1 (BH), Equus 2 (VI);
  • Jaguar S-Type 1 (X200), XF 1 (X250), XK 1 (X100), XK 2 (X150), XJ 7 (X350);
  • Kia Mohave 1 (HM);
  • Land Rover Discovery 3 (L319), Discovery 4 (L319), Range Rover 3 (L322), Range Rover Sport 1 (L320);
  • Lincoln Navigator 2 (U228), Navigator 3 (U326);
  • Maserati GranTurismo 1 (M145), Quattroporte 5 (M139);
  • Mercury Mountaineer 3 (U251);
  • Volkswagen Phaeton 1 (3D).

Disadvantages of the ZF 6HP26 gearbox

  • Due to the design features, the mechatronics are located inside the gearbox and overheat quite quickly, especially in the summer or when driving for a very long time in traffic jams. This usually leads to incorrect switching, but sometimes to mechatronics failure.
  • During active use or frequent starts from a standstill, the torque converter lock-up clutch quickly wears out and wear products clog the valve body solenoids. And if you don’t pay attention to the jerks of the automatic transmission for a long time, then flushing the valves will not be enough.
  • The weak point of the automatic transmission of this family is the modest resource of the metal bushings, which is why the pressure in the automatic lubrication system drops and oil starvation occurs. This is fraught with mechanical damage and the 4-5-6 gear drum will burst first.
  • Frequent overheating of the transmission significantly reduces the service life of plastic and rubber parts. Therefore, experienced owners change the sealing bushings, the valve block adapter and the adapter connector in the solenoid wiring housing at every oil service.

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